Alisio 70W LED Dimmable Ceiling Light With Built-In 35W DC Reversible Fan, Matt Burnished Gold/White Finish c/w Remote Control and APP Control, 4900lm


Alisio is a new proposal from Mantra, to break into the sector of ventilation elements providing, as always, an addition of originality and ingenuity with its design. Its minimalist aesthetic harbors the various functions, offering cool ventilation or heat whilst effectively illuminating the room in which it is situated. Ideal for bedrooms and quiet areas due to its tuneable function and its quiet yet efficient DC motor. While the fan is an ideal addition to any property during the summer, the inverter function (in position of counter rotation) allows you to collect the hot air and distribute it homogenously during the colder months. Alisio’s ability to set different intensities and speeds, means it can also be installed in larger areas, such as living rooms, kitchens or open offices. Given the compact configuration and design, it provides a reassuring security by hiding its transparent blades, in an aesthetically discreet way, avoiding dangers and involuntary accidents.

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Additional information

Weight 4.70 kg
Dimensions 160 cm

Technical Data

630mm Diameter
Matt Burnished Gold
Nett Weight (kg)
Integral LED
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